Wordless Wednesday: Inspire Me

A few weeks ago I had a call from a friend’s brother, a person I have known since he was twelve. “Would you be on this talk show we’re organizing?” He asked me, as a sophomore student at university in the same building where I teach. (Talk about feeling your age!) “I always like to […]

When You Cry

The verbal grenade I was tossed yesterday morning hit me with full force. I tried to counter with ninja mindfulness techniques. “Good morning,” I said, stepping closer to the person, trying to start again. Instead of resetting, this further escalated the situation. I retreated, bursting into tears a few feet away. “You cried?” My friend […]

Meatless Meatballs for #sundaysupper

There are so many yummy flavors in these meatless meatballs, you won’t miss the meat texture. Perfect with a bowl of pasta or as a appetizer. Take it from the carnivore in my house.

How to Pre-Order The Migrant Report

You know I’ve been hard at work on my first crime novel. Here’s the exciting news: you can see the cover and pre-order your copy of The Migrant Report, the first in the series. “Against the glittering high-rises of the capital, Manu, a recent arrival from Nepal, drips his days away on a construction site, […]

Roasted Red Pepper Quiche for #Sundaysupper

Eggs, milk, roasted red pepper and feta cheese make this one pot dish a no-brainer for any night you want to eat in. I sauteed onions and garlic in truffle oil for an extra twist, as well as loading up on salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. What variations do you like in your […]

Freedom of Speech Includes Hate

To have the good, you have to actively combat the bad. The latest in a series of ads on New York City buses features jaw dropping racism. And a court deemed it was allowed. In lieu of the law, a street artist has launched a anti-bigotry campaign when similar ads ran on buses in San […]

The Question is Not How But WHY She Does It

I’m not a royalist. Nor do I hate the royals. I find the new generation, Kate and Wills, charming in a saccharine. soda eating away at the enamel on your teeth way. I have clicked through many a slideshow of the Duchess’ fashion, hair styles, and assorted aesthetic merits in the same way one keeps […]

Blacked Red Snapper and Roasted Brussels Sprouts for #sundaysupper

“Why didn’t I like these when I was younger?” My husband said, giving me the biggest compliment while digging into Brussels sprouts. They say the reason we don’t like vegetables when we are children is because our palates haven’t developed enough to appreciate the tart tastes. Nowadays I love them as an alternate to broccoli […]

Signs You Might Not Get What’s Going on in Baltimore

1. Posting quotes about non-violence from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and ignore the ones where he talks about pain and injustice. “…a riot is the language of the unheard.” 2. Swallowing the media bias in selective use of labels like criminals and thugs to describe rioters but those who celebrate or mourn losses after […]

Tactics to Parent Yourself

During tennis lesson last week, I watched as our four year old clamored to gather balls his classmates had gotten to first. He grew increasingly upset, as one ball after another was swiped away from him. Meanwhile, there were more balls coming across the net from the pair who were practicing their backhand. I called […]

Eggless Cookie Dough Bites for #sundaysupper

These are so easy to whip up, with ingredients you already have, you’ll be making them for everything (as I am since they’re discovery). I was amazed how they hold together without eggs — a discovery made because of a friend’s daughter’s allergy to eggs. They can also be sugar cookie bites you roll in […]

Things the NSA Won’t Tell You (But John Oliver and Edward Snowden Will)

Turns out you don’t have to be a celebrity to worry about people seeing your private photos. Edward Snowden explains to John Oliver why the National Security Agency has probably already seen your junk. The entire interview is an hour and well worth watching. Here are the highlights. Oliver-Snowden Interview Proves RevealingHow much access does […]

Asian Cucumber Salad for a Side with #sundaysupper

Absolutely delicious cucumber salad with only three main ingredients (plus the dressing). Whips up in 15 minutes and you can serve as a garnish or side. Feel free to toss in any favorites — I’m contemplating mixing in sesame seeds and feta with the leftovers. The longer you let the dressing marinate, the better the […]

How to Get Rid of Default Yellow Emoji

Earlier this week, a friend pointed out that the latest Emoji update included darker skin tones. Sure enough, when you hold down some of the yellow faces or hands, a menu bar of a range of shades of brown-black pops up. The group icons, however, are still only in the yellow option. We debated whether […]

How to Get Rid of Political Dynasties

Before typing the title for this blog post, I had not noticed that the word dynasty has the word “nasty” in it. Don’t get me wrong. I was excited and warmed by the Hillary for America video in which Ms. Clinton announced her intention to run for office. Ah, America, the bastion of liberal democracy, […]

How to Create Momentum that Gets Noticed

April is a busy time of month in the university calendar. In the North American system, there are four weeks left in the year. Seniors are desperate to graduate. Faculty want to post grades to hit the road. In the middle of all this is a deluge of events that will have you saying hi […]

Stuffed Peppers for Sunday Supper

Easy, fresh, homemade meals taste even better when they’re assembled with whatever you already have in the fridge. (I avoid the grocery store as much as possible because of the never ending feeling of déjà vu). Stuffed peppers are one of the best ways to express your flavor profile because you can put in anything […]

Reasons Never to Leave Your Kid with Dad

These movie c lips raise interesting questions about the media’s attitude towards fatherhood. Moms can’t work too much, because who’s left to take care of the kids? The dangerous alternative these commercials and films warn against? Dad. I love how Policy Mic takes to task the idea that Dads can’t be trusted around their children. […]

Reasons You Didn’t Get Justice

We love documentaries in our house, and  on a rare night home, after much debate, settled in to watch Capturing the Friedmans. The film left me sick to my stomach on many levels. First, the subject matter: a father and son brought up on multiple counts of child sex abuse. Second, the evident tampering with […]

Eggplant Cannelloni for #sundaysupper

I love eggplant. Slicing it up to serve as an alternative to pasta is an excellent way to add variety to your cannelloni. Stuff with anything: these are full of goat cheese and spices. Add your own flavors – gluten free – for a healthy, filling one dish meal.