The Year of the Irascible (White Male) Genius

I love this time of year because the Oscar buzz sends the film industry into hyper drive. First comes the speculation between the Golden Globes and the Oscar nomination announcements. Who will win? Who will be snubbed without a mention? This year, the noticeable lack of diversity among the list of nominees sent social media […]

Artichoke and Potato Soup for Sunday Supper

Ah winter. It’s what soup was made for this. This hearty one has my two favorite flavors, artichokes and potatoes. Whatever else you include is up to you! What’s your favorite cold weather dish? Artichoke and potato soup for #sundaysupper #nomnomnom #homemade #instagood #veggies #vegan sauté and boil in broth: add your mix-ins of choice […]

Secrets to Losing Your Phone and Not Your Mind

We bumped down the road, a friend’s custom designed home receding in the background, and I said: “I can’t find my phone.” On the first Friday of the new year, we were on a road trip, racing back through North Carolina to dinner with another set of friends in Virginia. In the last three weeks […]

Sunday Supper: Not Your Mama’s Tuna Casserole

My mother never made Tuna Casserole but in the chill of winter, a nice creamy casserole can warm you up like any curry. I modified the idea of this standard recipe which calls for peas, cream of mushroom soup, and tuna by adding whatever I wanted cleared out from the cupboards. This included onions, artichokes, […]

Beginner’s Guide to Veggin’ It

The best way to keep a New Year’s resolution from becoming an object of dread is to take small steps to follow through. I was on the phone with a friend while at the grocery store this morning. She said her resolution was to try making one new dish a week. Several years ago, I had a […]

My Year in 6 Photos

Take a few seconds today and reflect on the year behind you. Whether through Facebook or Instagram, it’s never been easier!

Sunday Supper: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

The year is winding down. I hope it’s found you happy with loved ones at your table. Maybe it’s the children or maybe it’s lack of motivation, but I love having dinner in for these get-togethers. Nothing fancy mind you, because that spoils the laid back nature of being at home. Whip up these Cauliflower […]

How to Make it a Literary Holiday

You can give a book as a gift: They probably don’t already have it. You can write reviews of books you loved: authors would appreciate it! You can catch up with me in 2 cities, Providence, Rhode Island and Raleigh, North Carolina: we’d have a blast.    

Tell the Truth and Then You Die

The year is winding down. Classes are finished, my grades are completed, and the kids are out of school. We are able to dodge the manic holiday pace of North American in our desert retreat. Before we make the trip home for a few weeks, to sling around wet sludge, pretending it’s snow, the slower […]

Sunday Supper: Curried Celery Soup

Not every recipe is a winner right out of the pot. This curried celery soup was an excellent way to use up an entire bag that was languishing in the fridge. I skipped a step in the coconut milk, which was straining the powder out of the broth. If you like coconut, that’s probably okay. […]

How to Talk about Race

You’ve probably been in the room when someone starts off with “I don’t want to sound racist BUT —” The speaker goes on to expand on a stereotype that is likely to make the other listeners uncomfortable. Or, you’re at the dinner table a friend’s house and without any warning, someone drops the N bomb […]

Secrets to Cooking Veggie and Well

New Year’s Day 2014, while driving to the first lunch of the year, I debated in the backseat of my sister’s mini-van. Meat or soda? Which would be easier to give up? Sitting at the table, waiting to order, I still couldn’t decide. I had identified a healthy lifestyle as high on my list of […]

How to Get Rid of Santa

I felt very much like one of Ms. Hannigan’s girls, growing up as a Hindu child in north Florida. “Santa Claus, who’s he?” When friends called in the afternoon on Christmas Day, asking me what I had received, static filled the line on my end. In the years since, the holiday season became a tradition […]

Sunday Supper: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

You know how I feel about soup: we should eat it once a day in the cooler temperatures. If you have broth and a slow cooker, you have the makings for a low prep, nutritious and filling meal any day of the week. Tougher vegetables like potatoes or squash, take on a delicious tenderness when […]

Give the Gift They Don’t Have

Want to save yourself the stress of finding a unique gift for that person or child who had everything? Get him/her a book in a subject they’re already passionate about. Someone gave our son The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Years later, here’s the result. We hadn’t practiced him reading during the Qatar-Brazil festival. In fact, he […]

Superb Ways to Show Without Telling

In the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, I know exactly which creature I am: the hare. This was evident when I was younger: studying a bit all semester and sleeping while my college roommate crammed all night, her Dr. Pepper’s lined up on her desk. When the exams were handed back we each […]

Where to Find a Detective’s Sidekick #nanowrimo2014

I’m twenty-three chapters into my first crime thriller. There’s seven more to go, and the falling action is as exciting as the setup. Hopefully this is the payoff readers are hoping for. In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to another member of our ensemble cast: Fatma, an enterprising student, on the verge of […]

Sunday Supper: Pasta with Cauliflower as White Sauce

Hubs loves roasted veggies. In our fridge, depending on the day of the week, there is at least one head of broccoli and cauliflower. The established flavor of roasted broccoli is a crowd favorite. Cauliflower is a taste I’m not as familiar with. Imagine my surprise at the creamy goodness of cauliflower sauce on pasta. […]