All You Need to know about The Aerling Series

Don’t you love finding a new author and then discovering she has a series? The Aerling Series by DelSheree Gladden will be available exclusively on Kindle as a regular ebook and as part of the Kindle Unlimited program. As a bonus, there are  3 EXCLUSIVE short stories Aerling fans will only find in the box […]

No-Nonsense Writing Prompts

Last week I was at the Alif Institute and Old Tampa Bookstore, urging people to write as quickly as they could in 15 minutes to respond to three different writing prompts. We retold the original version of Rapunzel, Italian, called Petrosinella, or parsley. Before Disney brushed up the story,  in which a mother was hungry […]

Sunday Supper on the Road

We have been traveling for the last five weeks or so and let me tell you, road trips can be tons of fun if you aren’t in any particular hurry. Eating on the fly though can be tough on the wallet and also on the waistline. One way to counter the fast food is to […]

Where to Find MohaDoha

I’ve been on the road this July promoting my new book, The Migrant Report. Don’t forget to stop in to your local independent bookshop or library before your road trip to pick up a great read. Book tour update from Florida: all smiles in what feels like 100% humidity. Remember, if you read something you […]

3 Reasons You Would Download a Podcast

This summer is a mix of business and pleasure. I’ve been in the United States with the family for two weeks and I have been to one wedding, completed one surgery, held one writing workshop and finished two book events. We are only halfway through. While on the road trip part of this holiday, podcasts […]

How to Talk About Sexual Assault #letstalkaboutit

Winnie and I became friends as part of the Doha Writers’ Workshop. She moved away a few years ago to pursue her interest in creative writing and has not been idle. One of the many things she’s been up to is establishing the Clear Lines Festival, four days of events to help us talk about […]

How to be the Only Brown Person for Miles

This past weekend was a historic moment for several reasons. My college roommate, friend of 18 years, got married. She happens to be from Remlap, Alabama. This was a state I had not previously visited. She, however, has made countless trips back and forth over the last 8 years to see me and our growing […]

How to Find MohaDoha this July

A book tour is like your five year old birthday party: you’re excited to show off your newest creation and terrified no one will come. I’ll be in DC, NYC, ATL, Tampa, and Gainesville, FL this month talking to readers about my first foray into crime writing. Join us! What are you reading this summer?

Quick Guide to Making Your Own Memes

Check out Pablo by Buffer. You can use their cityscape or natural landscapes. I uploaded a photo to celebrate the American Ballet Theater appointing Misty Copeland as their principal dancer. The first time an African American woman was so named. There are plenty of fonts to choose from – you can also position several text […]

Leadership According to Jon Snow

Over 8 million viewers tuned in for the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, or begun season 5, this blog post is not for you. Come back in two days when I’ll have a poster to share for Wordless Wednesday. For the rest of us, I’ve been […]

Strawberry Tuna Salad for #sundaysupper

A light salad is the perfect meal for summer. You may be confused how tuna and strawberries come together (as I was initially). The secret is in the salad dressing or vinaigrette. Really the key to assembling a tasty veggie treat is to be true to your flavor profile. You can’t go wrong if you […]


Starting a blog can feel daunting. I have a friend who spreads her cheer the modern old school way: she sends emails. A week or so ago, I got a note from her about making care kits for the gas station attendants who pump gas for drivers across Qatar. These guys work long hours, day […]

How to Tell if You Might Turn into Rachel Dolezal

Newly arrived to America, from the ethnocentric post-doc community of Canada, was like being thrown in a pile of snow. “Report to the library to talk to the reporter about Martin Luther King Jr.,” my elementary school teacher said. In Palo Alto, CA of the ’80s, being Indian meant non-white. I trudged to the library […]

Veggie Strudel for Sunday Supper

This veggie strudel is a savory treat – kind of like an egg roll on steroids – and can be served as a starter or a complete meal on those lazy weekends. Roast your veggies, wrap them up, and viola! Crisply baked in about thirty minutes. Serve with dipping sauce. A photo posted by Mo […]

Essential Background for The Migrant Report

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming release of the first title in the new crime series The Migrant Report. Take a peek into the world of Manu, one of the main characters, as he arrives to work in the Arabian Gulf.

4 Ways to Avoid Being Made Lonely by Facebook

View image | I’m teaching summer school in the dead of a desert summer. As in, if you linger outside at midday, you could die. Or at least fry your skin or eggs. There’s a thing about expat life, that if you aren’t on the first plane out, you feel like you’re being tested. […]

Spinach for Sunday Supper

I love coming home to the smell of food. Not a scent for everyone, but for me, the aroma of someone cooking makes a house feel like a nurturing space. Slow cookers are the absolute guarantee to a someone has been laboring for my meal sensation. This Spinach and Artichoke dip is so good, you […]

Ways to Make Sure Your Corruption Goes Unnoticed

Recent international headlines about the arrest of FIFA officials in Zurich have resurrected long standing questions about corruption at the highest levels of the organization. FIFA preys on the hopes of host nations to hold the world’s biggest sporting event while continuing to enjoy non-profit status. The raid was the result of money laundering charges […]

Summer Savories for #SundaySupper

Summer classes have begun. I’m taking advantage of a less rigid pace to make time for three works out a week. When you’re pushing your body, the muscles demand good food. Here’s a simple, hearty duo that will get you full fast. Summer savories: roasted tomato salmon and bak choy. Easy to do and perfect […]

Welcome to being a woman in America

Jon Stewart tells it like only he can. “When you were Bruce we talked about your Olympics and business’ achievements. But now that you are a woman, all we’ll care it’s about your looks: Welcome to being a woman in America.”